Sunday, March 30, 2008

Week 22

I was going to post my last blog post last week, but I was learning some things about the camera, and the new computer set up, so it got delayed.

This week went like lightning. Saturday was my friend Tamara's baby's one year birthday party. Where I apparently picked up some sort of bug. Sunday was Easter, and Easter wagons day.
Monday, family night. Tuesday, visiting teaching (going and coming). Wednesday, a big to do about nothing renewal of our housing contracts night (That's the night I really started to feel sick). Thursday, My loving husband took me to the theater. We saw the Golden Dragon Acrobats, very interesting, and very weird. Friday, we all stayed home being sick. Saturday we where suppose to clean the church, go to the Temple, and go to some singing group where we would have had free dinner, but I was sick (I don't get a sick day to get better, so it takes me a while to get over things). Sunday, wow its Sunday! There was church ofcourse, and then my sister came down to see us, it was awesome! So my week felt as long as it took me to write this. Oh yeah, this post is supposed to be about my pregnancy. Well the week went too fast to really think about it much, I guess that means its going good. Well because I was sick I have had to take stuff so that I wouldn't throw up, and I was extra tired again. You know all those fond memories of the first trimester. Yeah, that part wasn't fun.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Weeks 20, 21

The last two weeks have been really fun. Hazen had spring break so we spent time visiting both grandparents. Right in the middle we stopped to see my friend Tamara, who I haven't seen in for ever.

I got to meet her daughter for the first time, she just turned one.

Yes Tessa is small, we all know, you can't get rats out of mice.

At Grandma Sellers we had an early Easter for Tessa. She loved coloring the eggs, but after about an hour standing there with Tessa, Makayla started kicking me really hard, so I had to try to convince Tessa that she had been coloring eggs long enough.

Even with Makayla's kicking making me sick to my stomach,
Makayla's foot

it has been extra fun this Easter. Tessa has been able to find eggs and candy all on her own. I think of Makayla, and how fun it will be to see Tessa showing Makayla where all the eggs, and candy are hidden next year. Even thou Makayla will not be old enough to care, it should still be fun.

I have been telling every one that we are having a girl, and that her name is Makayla Annette. I have been informed quite a lot that Makayla is a very common name. This would explain the welcoming we have received in our choice of her name, or at least every one has been kind enough to lie and tell us they like it.

Makayla from the back

Aside from that I have felt very well, without drugs, for most of the last two weeks. The smell of our apartment, backyard cookouts, or any smoke for that matter, and Makayla kicking if I am not laying down, still makes me sick. I do better with drugs, but it has not been a necessity to have them. Yeah!! I am happy because that means I don't have to be as tired all the time.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Week 19

We had the ultrasound this week as most of you know. I went in thinking this baby is a girl, but some things changed my mind. First the baby's heart rate was lower then Tessa's, the baby was very stubborn and shy in contrast to Tessa's relaxed and ready to be seen by the world. Sadly I got very very exited for a boy,

just to be surprised with a girl. We are all very excited to have a very healthy baby, all though we missed the boy window, Tessa will have a built in girl friend (well at least we hope they will be friends). So congrats to all of you that voted girl , you will have bragging rights for ever. We had to give her a name right a way so that I could be excited again about a having a girl, but I thought it would be fun to see what name you think we liked.
The names we like are Makayla, Natalie, and Sariah

I was going to put a poll up so that you could guess, but I guess Hazen was just kidding about Sariah, and I was told that I can't have Natalie, Sooo... we bring to you

Makayla Annette Pett

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Week 18

Thanks for all the votes. It looks like girl is the front runner. I’m leaning towards girl as well, mainly so that I won’t be sad if it is a girl like I was with Tessa. Not to say that I am sad with Tessa, I love her with all my heart and never want to miss a minute with her. I’m just saying I was sad when they told me Tessa was a girl and I don’t ever want to feel that way again.

This week was fun, we had some nicer temperatures and there was some sun one of the days. I took Tessa outside almost every day (that’s kinda big for me), walking and carrying things made me sick and dizzy; now with some help from my new favorite drug I get to have fun. Tessa loves it! She runs, and pushes her doll in her stroller everywhere. She likes off-roading the most; pushing through things like slush, muddy grass, snow etc. I like that I can go places without feeling like I need to take Hazen, in case I throw up during the drive or something. The best thing about this past week is, I have found myself saying ‘I love being pregnant’ almost as much as I did with Tessa.

edit: I guess I spoke too soon boy has come on strong.