Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Makayla gets a tooth

Makayla got her first tooth May 26th 2009. She gave no signs of getting a tooth. One day she didn't have any teeth and the next she had one tooth. She still only has one tooth.

I tried to get a picture of her tooth, but she kept hiding it from me. She thought it was a funny game.

Makayla walks

Yes this is really old, but this is the only journal I do, so read it if you want. Don't if you don't.

Right before we moved to Provo Makayla's first step (only one step) was on May 31st. Later she took one step for her Daddy on June 8th. On the 18th of June Makayla took her first steps, 2 to be exact.

July 5th 2009
Makayla started walking and has not stopped.
This is a picture of her walking because I couldn't get the video to work on the blog.