Sunday, February 24, 2008

Week 17

This week has been really good. My doctor gave me a prescription for Phenergan (for nausea) at my last visit and it has been working pretty good. The only side effect seems to be drowsiness, as if making a baby didn't make me sleepy enough, but I prefer being extra tired to throwing up and being sick all the time. I have been feeling the baby really strong lately. I was feeling it so strong that I kept thinking that I could feel it from the outside of my tummy so I asked Hazen to put his hand on my belly and sure enough he felt it. At our first visit the doctor did a quick ultrasound, just to judge the baby's age, so we still don't know the sex. We have another appointment on the 4th of March and we will find out then, which is good because I hate calling our baby an it. Anybody that wants to put in a guess, vote in the poll and tell us your vote in your comment and then when we post the results you will have bragging rights.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Weeks 14 - 16

Sorry for the long break, I have been a slacker. Well it is time to catch you all up on every thing. I had my first visit with the doctor on the sixth. I like this woman's clinic a lot better then the family center in Provo. I have a woman doctor which I am very happy about. Her name is Dr. Falk. She's nice but I didn't connect with her yet like I did with Sandy Garrard (my doctor with Tessa). I wish I had her as my doctor again. Anyways back to the visit, Dr. Falk did an ultrasound on the baby! It was so much fun and a big relief. The baby looked very big, I thought that it was going to take her a minute to find the baby but it was right there ready to be seen. We saw the heart beating, and the baby jumped or kicked, all very fun. Dr. Falk said that its heart was beating about 140 beats/min, I had to ask “is that good?” I wasn't sure for a second if it was because Tessa's was 150 a minute. It's good. Here are some pictures of the baby

Head on the left chest with the heart on the right

arms up by face


thigh bone and bum

The ultrasound determined that I am about 17 weeks now (15.5 at the time of the visit), so it's Ok that I am showing as much as I am. We will try and get a new picture up soon Tessa knows that there is a baby in my tummy now, or at least I have trained her to say baby when I ask her whats in my tummy.