Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weeks 29, 30

I don't have a lot to say about the pregnancy. I feel very big and tired all of the time, but despite that, I got a job anyway. I got a job substituting at a day care. Two good things about that, I will make some money, and I don't have to work every day:) yeah. I have also learned that much time spent in a really hot car can be a hazardous to my health. I went to Pocatello for my friend Sara's wedding. The wedding went really smoothly, and it was very pretty, there was a great turn out, lots of gifts, and lots of fun. Sara was really really beautiful with her hair, makeup, the vail we made, and dress that my mom fitted to her, and the weather was perfect, nice and sunny, too sunny. I had no A/C in my car, the hot wind in my face when I had the windows down, I think made it even hotter, not cooler. I felt like I was going to pass out while driving. That's not a good thing at any time, but it is even worse when you have your only child with you and your pregnant. So now that Hazen has his tools again, he promptly fixed our A/C when I got back, right after the clutch. Oh did I forget to mention that I drove a manual transmission with no clutch all the way from Pocatello to Orem. Not that that isn't a stress in and of its self, I had my dear little Tessa over heating in the back seat. The funny, ironic, what have you, thing is its been rather cold since.
Tessa and I went to visit my friend Tamara and her daughter Abby on Wednesday at Thanksgiving Point. Tessa, Tamara, and Abby thought it was cold, but I was quite comfortable. We had lots of fun at the petting zoo and it was just nice to visit with a good friend. Wednesday I had my first sub job. I was very hard! I had 3 infants and 2 toddlers for the first hour or so. I did have a little help at that time, just enough to inform me what was supossed to happen. Nothing happened like it was supossed to though. I ended up with two sick infants and the schedules of the other two suffered because of it. In the end I had a not very nice older child that I couldn't handle the smell of being pregnant and all. That was for only an hour, thank heavens.
Friday I got to watch my sister's two younger children while they celebrated their anniversary. We had to stay inside most of the time because of the cold rainy weather. If only it had been like this the previous weekend when I almost died in the heat. Saturday wasn't too bad it was a little chilly in the morning but I took all three kids to the ponds by UVSC to feed the ducks by myself, (Very dumb pregnant or not, don't take two toddlers and a 4 year old to the pond by yourself ever). Sunday night I started to feel a little sick. I hope that I am just sick, and not sick because of being pregnant. I really really don't want to feel like I did in the beginning now at the end. I hope it stays warm (not cold, and not hot) for a while longer, but if it doesn't that is ok because I have A/C now! :)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Weeks 27, 28

As you all may have read on the main blog, the last two weeks have been very crazy. We are moved down to Orem. I don't miss our apt. at all. It was small, and smelled weird to me, but I do miss having our own place. I don't feel at home at Hazen's mom's home yet so I tend to not eat when and what I need to, because of this I have be quite lethargic, and have been a little sick here and there. I all so seem to be allergic to her (Hazen's mom's) laundry detergent, so I guess we won't be saving any money on detergent this summer.

Hazen working off the rent already.

Pregnancy wise moving happens to be really hard! Even with moving, Makayla and I have been well. I have been trying to help Hazen out as much as possible. I haven't had time to pay any attention to Makayla, when I finally did sit down I got really nervous because I couldn't feel her moving at all! Well that all changed when we went to bed. I couldn't get to sleep for like two hours she was wiggling so much. I don't think she could get any more comfortable then I ever can. It doesn't help that I have not been able to sleep under any covers the last week or two, unless it's really really cool in the room. Oh, and for the first time last week my legs, and ankles swelled up so bad it hurt to walk around, but I couldn't just sit and put my feet up because,
of the two year old that loves to play, run, and get in to every thing,

that I've been blessed with.