Thursday, June 26, 2008

Week 35

Four weeks left!! Yeah, and bummer because I don't have my own space to start/have my labor. I don't have my own place to bring her home to. Then I have the stress of trying to get a doctor and some sort of insurance, mostly by myself, and on top I have the unneeded and unwanted stress of people always telling me, "you need a doctor." Like I don't know that!! "Duh!! Are you stupid?", is all I have to say, so I don't say anything. As you can tell it would be nice to have her about a month and a week or two later then I am. Seeing how that is not possible, I just have to be excited for the upcoming joy of not being in (back, shoulder, stomach, foot, you name it, it hurts.) pain all the time. Oh and no more swelling, I have had days were I can't walk it hurts so bad.

Good things for this week are I think I might have a doctor now. She is a woman! I won't know for sure 'till Hazen gets paid and we pay all our bills for the month of July. She wants the whole $2400 up front, and we don't have that right now so hopefully she will still be willing to take me as a patient. I just think if I am going to have some one I don't know looking where the sun don't shine, it might as well be someone with the same parts as me. I am having a lot of painful practice contractions so I am very excited to see where I am at (dilation and effacement wise), even if it ends up being some one else other then this doctor checking me.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

week 34

This week hmm... Monday I tried to get the rest for the stuff I needed to get some help paying for Makayla when she comes. Tuesday I tried to get a doctor's appointment, the people at the clinic said I couldn't get an appointment until I talked to the billing office in person. I got to thinking hmm that seems weird. The next day I called and asked to talk to billing, they said no I don't need to come in, but there are some things we need within ten days of your doctors visit. OK, so I got sent back to the appointment people and said I don't need to see the billing office, I need to set up a doctor's appointment. She said you can't have one until you go to this O.B. class. I told her I have already gone to your O.B. class when I had my last child there. Too bad, you have to go to it with every child you have here. I explained to her that I have 5 weeks left, and I am going to see the same person I had with Tessa, so I need to set up an appointment now even if I have to take this class first. She said "no",she said you can set one up after the class, unless you are bleeding or cramping really bad, we might get you in sooner.
Sorry to have made a short story long, but I am fresh out of ideas on how I am supposed to have a doctor when it comes time to have Makayla. Maybe it will be a home birth.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Weeks 31, 32, 33

I thought that I would start doing weekly up dates again, but I guess this time it's a three week up date instead. Since the last time I wrote I ended up working two or three times that week. Yeah its hard work and I already think I might be done doing it. I only worked half days, but I have been so tired lately I don't think I can do even half days. I only made $90 so the pay isn't great enough to overcome the tiredness.
I have been trying to get on Medicaid, or even some sort of financial assistance, so far without much luck. I was hoping to get an appointment with a doctor in Logan on my way home from Pocatello because it will be cheaper their since they have already accepted us on their sliding scale, however since it is a community health clinic they don't do maternity so they won't let me come in for pregnancy checkups this close to my due date. I also tried to get a doctor's appointment here, but that is turning out to be just as hard as everything else. They want me to see the financial office first but they (the financial office) don't have any open appointments for like two weeks. I don't really want to wait that long, but I have to pay full price if I don't see them first.

On a side note, it was fun to have Ryan in town with Sean. He is bigger then Tessa, but Tessa is taller. Tessa seems to like him.