Thursday, January 31, 2008

Week 13

I have been trying to do this every Tuesday, but with having a toddler starting her terrible twos and being sick, and every thing else I am trying do do, its been hard. No picture this week, but here are a few words for the week; I spoke to soon. :*( I have been nothing but horribly sick, and very tired all of the sudden. Tessa picked up something and has been stuffed up and coughing for the last couple of days, and unfortunately she is a very giving person. Hopefully it passes quickly 'cause they don't let you take much when you're pregnant.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Week 12

There is hope for me yet! I was only sick four out of the last nine days. Your prayers must be working. Thank you! I am very excited about not being sick every day. I have also found a Doctor, I really hope I end up liking her a lot. I also have a small chance of being farther a long then I think I am. Keep your fingers crossed. The only bad thing is that lately Tessa seems to be a lot more clingy. She also doesn't seem to want me paying too much attention to other babies that are younger than her, hopefully she won't be that way with her baby brother or sister.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Week 11

I Loved being pregnant with Tessa!!! Not so much with this one, I do not like it, no sir no sir. I want to just have the baby so that I can feel good again. I really want to enjoy this pregnancy like I did the last one, but I am almost to the end of my first trimester and still horking. Hopefully the sickness will end when the second trimester begins in a couple of weeks. I am so sorry for all you women who get sick when pregnant. I felt bad for you before, because pregnancy can be a @#$% with out being sick, but being sick makes it ten times harder. I now pray for all those that get sick, so please pray for me.

Well if there is any good to say about it all I guess I should say it now. I love how I look for the time being. I still get to enjoy watching Tessa play, and grow. She is very smart and does a lot to help me out. Hazen my biggest help has been great!! He has been Mommy and Daddy for about 8 weeks, and is happy to see me moving around and helping out again. This week has been a lot better than last week, so I guess I am starting to feel a little better. Yeah!

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Welcome to's Pregnancy Tracker. The site is still in its infancy so don't judge it yet. We plan on at least weekly updates to keep you in the loop. We will also have a link on the home page showing the last several posts so you'll be sure not to miss anything. We hope you all enjoy this and your feedback is welcome in the comments. Please let me know how it looks on your computer, for instance if the picture of Annette gets cut off in you browser window. I will try and optimize the site for everybody's viewing pleasure but I need to know how it looks at the resolution you are set at. Please don't be afraid to give me your comments.