Sunday, January 23, 2011

Swimming fun, summer 2010

We went swimming as much as we could,
The girls played in the water every week. Most of the time at my friends home, and some of the time at our home, and ones at my sisters.

Tessa took swimming lessons this summer and.....
after she graduated the girls and I spent a day at the pool.
See the big twisty slide, both of my girls went down it, and said they loved it!!

Nate used the tub as his pool. I don't think I could handle a baby and a toddler and a confident 4 year old all by my self at the pool.

Tessa and I played in the giant sprinklers at the west heritage center, and the little sprinklers we always came a crossed on our walks.

We also went to the splash pad a lot.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tessa's Birthday

Tessa's birthday was on the 9th of February. I gave her a princess party. She and her friends had tons of fun making tiaras and wands,

and opening gifts,

and then eating cake.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fun thing being pregnant

So I don't know how many of you mothers have done the long pregnancy diabetics test, but I just did it. For those of you who don't know, it sucks!! I had to fast for 12 hours, which made me not feel good. At the end of the 12 hours I had my blood drawn to see if my blood sugar was low enough to start the test. I don't like getting my blood drawn and/or I.V.s. So good for me they were low, but not so good because that meant it was time for the nasty, ultra sugary drink. I almost horked the drink before I was done with it. Then after feeling sicker then I have felt this whole pregnancy I had to wait at the hospital for an hour so that they could draw my blood again. Nice for me Hazen and the girls stayed at the hospital with me for that hour. So I got my blood taken again, Hazen and the girls left so the girls could take a nap, and I had to stay another hour with no food, and I couldn't even think about drinking anything. After the first hour alone went by there was another draw, it was a little harder for me because of the lack of moral support. So this next and final hour I wasn't completely bored, I talked to my friend Sara and read some magazines, but the hours with out food were really getting to me, and the sick feeling from the drink was taking its time wearing off. I didn't mind them taking my blood as much this time because the girl took it in a spot that I am more okay with. I was also starting to feel a little better by the end of this last hour. So if any of you got lost, that's four blood draws, which I hate, and three hours of sick from the drink on top of 12 of sick from not eating. So when Hazen came to get me he had a nice Wendy's lunch for me. Yeah!! and really cool water! It took me like 2 hours to eat and drink it because it had been so long since I had eaten, but I was grateful for every bit of it. All in all it wasn't fun, I never want to do it again especially when it turns out there is nothing wrong with me or my pregnancy, and it felt like I did it all for naught. I hope all of you that have not had to do it will not have to.
Here's a side look of me pregnant.
This is my sister in law Carie (Kevin's wife) and I in December 2009. She is due March 9th, and still looks like this, me on the other hand am quite a bit bigger.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My girls teeth

Makayla is really starting to increase her vocabulary. It's the cutest thing.  Tessa still loves being a big sister, and teaching Makayla new things every day.  Makyala is very very good at climbing, making animal sounds and singing most of the abc song, and dressing up.  Thanks to Tessa.  Tessa is getting good at changing Makayla and helping her to the potty (Makayla is kinda starting to potty train).  Tessa also thinks she can read now.  I have been letting her play on an online learning site on the computer.  She reads along with the stories they have, then later she will get one of her own books and "read it" to Makayla.  She really just has her stories memorized.  Tessa is also getting good at taking pictures.

Makayla  got into one of my Mom's drawers and dressed herself.  She was pretty proud of herself and thought she looked pretty good.  I thought she was pretty cute too. 
Picture taken by Tessa

Makayla has also become quite proficient at eating despite her only having 7 teeth.  Speaking of teeth Tessa had surgery on November 11th of last year.  She got 2 root canals and some feelings.  It was really hard for me to watch her have surgery and even harder for Hazen because I made him take her and do every thing on his own.  She was not herself for a day or two, but now she is really good.  She eats better then she did before for the most part, she also is not in pain all of the time.  Yeah!! Most importantly she hardly ever forgets to brush her teeth.  She loves her new sparkly teeth and wants them to look good and feel good.  This terrible thing turned out to be good in some ways.  Makayla's also had a tooth experience, although hers was a little less traumatic.  She was playing in the bathroom and chipped her front tooth on the toilet.  She screamed for a half hour, and didn't eat very well for about three days.  When I took her to the dentist there was good news.  It was pretty superficial, there was no further damage to the root or any thing.  The dentist shaved off the sharp part of her tooth and sent us on our way.  Makayla now screams bloody murder when we brush her teeth, but her tooth has come out of her gums a little more and looks almost the same length as her other front tooth. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Makayla gets a tooth

Makayla got her first tooth May 26th 2009. She gave no signs of getting a tooth. One day she didn't have any teeth and the next she had one tooth. She still only has one tooth.

I tried to get a picture of her tooth, but she kept hiding it from me. She thought it was a funny game.

Makayla walks

Yes this is really old, but this is the only journal I do, so read it if you want. Don't if you don't.

Right before we moved to Provo Makayla's first step (only one step) was on May 31st. Later she took one step for her Daddy on June 8th. On the 18th of June Makayla took her first steps, 2 to be exact.

July 5th 2009
Makayla started walking and has not stopped.
This is a picture of her walking because I couldn't get the video to work on the blog.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Makayla wants to be like her big sister

Makayla walks very well holding on to your hands, and she is crawling all over things.

Makayla pulled her self up to a standing position, all on her own for the first time. March 29 Sunday Morning.

The next day Hazen lowered her crib mattress, and its a good thing he did I found her standing in her bad that afternoon, after her nap.

Some time the end of February or the first of March I started her on meats and she loves it, and she has also developed a distaste for broccoli.

At Makayla 9 month Doctor visit Makayla was 17 lb. (What Tessa weighed at a year) and 251/2 inch. long She now walks along furniture, stands on her own for a second or four, and she loves "Falling". She goes from standing to sitting and then lays on her belly really fast, laughing the whole time. I think Makayla has seen Tessa having fun falling off things on to soft pillows, I think that's what Makayla is trying to recreate.

Tessa is still 36 lb and 34 to 36 inch. tall. We haven't weighed or measured her for a while because she still doesn't eat, there for hasn't grown any. She loves to learn. She is really good with her numbers 1 to 20, and she is learning that the alphabet song is not just a song. She has about a thread of the letters down. She knows a lot more of the shapes and colors then she used to. She has a hard time understanding that last night is different then yesterday, or last Thursday. She will figure it out it soon enough.

Sorry about not post this sooner, again I was trying to fined my for ever lost pictures. In case you where wandering, the little spaces between every thing are really cute pictures that I will never see again, but I will always remember them.