Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Makayla wants to be like her big sister

Makayla walks very well holding on to your hands, and she is crawling all over things.

Makayla pulled her self up to a standing position, all on her own for the first time. March 29 Sunday Morning.

The next day Hazen lowered her crib mattress, and its a good thing he did I found her standing in her bad that afternoon, after her nap.

Some time the end of February or the first of March I started her on meats and she loves it, and she has also developed a distaste for broccoli.

At Makayla 9 month Doctor visit Makayla was 17 lb. (What Tessa weighed at a year) and 251/2 inch. long She now walks along furniture, stands on her own for a second or four, and she loves "Falling". She goes from standing to sitting and then lays on her belly really fast, laughing the whole time. I think Makayla has seen Tessa having fun falling off things on to soft pillows, I think that's what Makayla is trying to recreate.

Tessa is still 36 lb and 34 to 36 inch. tall. We haven't weighed or measured her for a while because she still doesn't eat, there for hasn't grown any. She loves to learn. She is really good with her numbers 1 to 20, and she is learning that the alphabet song is not just a song. She has about a thread of the letters down. She knows a lot more of the shapes and colors then she used to. She has a hard time understanding that last night is different then yesterday, or last Thursday. She will figure it out it soon enough.

Sorry about not post this sooner, again I was trying to fined my for ever lost pictures. In case you where wandering, the little spaces between every thing are really cute pictures that I will never see again, but I will always remember them.

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Joshua said...

Your girls are sure cute. We miss you all!